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Holy Trinity Primary School and Early Learning Centre

At Holy Trinity we believe that each child is unique and treasured. Our school motto of FAITH, HOPE & LOVE is the foundation of our teaching and learning.

We are a Catholic school where we model and teach the story of Jesus and place this in the context of modern life showing respect, compassion and justice to all.

We believe it is our responsibility to empower each child in our care to be, and do, their best.

At Holy Trinity student enrolments, from ELC to Year 6, are accepted throughout the year. We welcome all enquiries.  We are an inclusive community, educating children within the framework of the International Baccalaureate, Primary Years Programme.

Parents are asked to complete an official Enrolment Form.

There is an annual enrolment period which occurs during a three week period in May. This is open for enquiries for all year levels.


Holy Trinity Early Learning Centre

Enrolment forms for places at Holy Trinity’s Early Learning Centre and Kindergarten can be collected from the Front Office until the end of May. For further information visit

the Catholic Education Office Early Learning Centre website.

The minimum age for enrolment in an Early Learning Centre is 4 years by 30 April in the year of enrolment.

The minimum age for enrolment in Kindergarten is 5 years by 30 April in the year of enrolment.


Holy Trinity Primary School

The following hierarchy of priorities has been established for the consideration of children enroling into the Primary School (K-6)

Priority of access is given to:

1. Baptised Catholic children who are members of the designated local parish communities.

2. Siblings of children already attending the primary school.

3. Baptised Catholic children from other parishes who cannot obtain places in their local parish primary school.

4. Baptised Catholic children from non-Catholic primary schools whose residential address is in the designated priority local parish communities.

5. Baptised Catholic children whose parents/guardians seek to enroll them in a parish primary school outside their own parish but who can obtain places in their own parish primary school.

6. Other children whose parents/guardians desire and are committed to a Catholic Education.

Points to consider

Parents who wish to consider an internationally recognise curriculum, that is the International Baccalaureate Programme in conjunction with a Catholic education.

Parents should understand that acceptance of their children at the primary school does not confer an automatic right of enrolment in a Catholic secondary school of their choice.

Education of children in a Catholic School requires a commitment of parents to the payment of the term fees which include tuition fees, administrative levies and building fee levies.

Holy Trinity Enrolment Packs are available from the School office.

Holy Trinity School Open Day is during May each year.

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