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Class Coordinators

Class Coordinators for 2016


ELC Ground Parrots

 Jennifer Graham,  Monica Campbell

ELC Rock Wallabies

 Lana Eldridge, Lisa Bauer

Kindergarten Red

 Lucie Hassall, Heather Clark

Kindergarten Green

 Athena Cains, Vanessa Boyley

1 Red

 Suwanna Danaher, Christie Hartfiel

1 Green

 Tina Tanfara

2 Red

 Rebecca Nikias, Sarah White

2 Green

 Gillian Reilly, Kate Quilkey, Colleen Norton

2 White

 Rebecca Manen, Alana Bayada

3/4 Red

 Danette Wright

3/4 Green

 Susie Johnston

3/4 White

 Suwanna Danaher, Sommer Howard, Georgia Williams

3/4 Blue

 Sarah Collins

5/6 Red

 Jeanette Miller, Sylvia Dunn

5/6 Green

Cathy Breen, Louise Willis


Role of Class Co-ordinators

The School Board and the P&F take pastoral care and community building very seriously. Our sense of community is a key characteristic that makes Holy Trinity a great environment for our children. But we have to work at it to keep the community spirit growing and the Class Coordinators are a critical part of that. The role of a Class Coordinator is about fun, and building community spirit, everything else flows from there. Therefore, the Class Co-ordinator’s job is an important one.


The Co-ordinator supports the class teacher’s work, providing an essential communications link between parents and teachers, and assists with the school’s social activities.

Class Co-ordinators are an important link in the school communication network, so it is not only essential that each class have one but also that they carry out their responsibilities.

The Class Co-ordinator role is a critical and valued role to assist with the community spirit and communication of Holy Trinity School.

Fundamental to the role is a proactive approach in creating a sense of community within a class.

At the commencement of the school year you will receive a briefing from the P&F on your role and responsibilities. You will also meet Class Co-ordinators for other classes within the school.


Major activities of the role:


Inform and encourage parents to be involved in the school community and activities

Welcome new parents and children to your class year - the school will (with permission from new families) provide information to the class co-ordinator on new families so that a welcome can be extended to the family

Send cards to families during times of stress or hardship; and let them know about the casserole bank and school community support

Pass on information/feedback from parents to the School Board and P&F Executive

Pass on information/feedback from the School Board and P&F Executive to parents

Pass on information/emails from the fundraising committee to parents (this role is not to drive the fundraising activity)

Support class teacher’s work and provide link between parents and teachers

Network and introduce parents to each other within the school

Co-ordinating school-based social events, eg, a table of parents at the school trivia night or other parent function.

Regularly attend P&F meetings (or find other avenues to ensure they know the issues facing the P&F Committee) to enable them to be effective communicators of issues from the parent community to the P&F and from the P&F meetings back to the parents (especially for those who cannot attend the P&F meetings).


Additional activities (which are optional) include:

Invite the class teacher to be involved in class functions outside of school

Co-ordinating non-school based social events, eg, for families focussing on children, ie, play in the park (a back to school play date for children where parents bring their children to the park and talk to other parents from the school while their children play) or for parents, ie, informal morning teas or lunches during the term; a cocktail evening at a local bar/venue (buy your own drinks and food but meet with other parents)

To the parents who are Class Co-ordinators – thank you for volunteering for the position.

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