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Teaching and Learning


Holy Trinity is a school that engages students in learning experiences that are challenging and meaningful. It is a school that aims to prepare each student to confidently ask questions, apply knowledge and develop skills to help solve problems they encounter now and during their lifetime. The learning program is created to instil knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes and action, the 5 Essential Elements of the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme, promoting individual and collective aspirations to help form a better world for all.


Our school provides learning areas that are contemporary, with a new library that provides a common area for the facilitation of learning and central location for resources. Our classrooms and break out areas are designed to promote collaboration and inquiry learning.


Holy Trinity recognises the importance of all subject areas, especially the knowledge and skills associated with literacy and numeracy, incorporating all learning areas into the program. The development of transdisciplinary units of inquiry promote the inclusion of a range of disciplines, creating connections between the understandings and skills required to take action from the learning.


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